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President Obama's 2014 Hawaii Vacation:  December 19 - January 3



It's Never Too Early to Start Planning for the Holidays

President Obama heard that some Americans are still sore over the NSA domestic spying revelations and their loss of privacy. Which is why this year, he is willing to give up a little of his own privacy in order to share his Hawaii Christmas vacation activities with the American people.

So this December, be prepared to crank up your heaters, play some Hawaiian music, and enjoy online "The 2014 Obama Hawaii Vacation".


Photo Gallery:  The President Prepares for his 2014 Hawaii Vacation

  • To keep the aloha spirit alive in 2014, President Obama bought some Hawaii
    bumper stickers last year to put on Air Force One.

  • President Obama in the Oval Office looking at golf clubs

    President Obama checks out the new Hawaiian-themed golf bag he ordered for his
    vacation this year.

  • Obama and Boehner meet at the White House

    The President invited Speaker Boehner for Mai Tais at the White House Mess to secure his
    cooperation in preventing any year-end budget issues that could delay his departure date.

  • White House Press Corps wearing Hawaiian leis

    Last year, the fresh Hawaiian orchid leis distributed at a press briefing were a real hit with the reporters.
    The President is reviewing all options and is considering giving out plumeria leis instead this year.

  • Be sure to return here for updates as the departure date approaches



Follow President Obama's Vacation on Twitter

President Obama is committed to making this the most open and participatory administration in history. Here are some tweets from his vacation last year.



The President's Kailua Rental Home

Due to an unfortunate "chewing incident" in the past involving First Dog Bo, the search for a suitable vacation rental home had become quite challenging. To combat this problem, President Obama issued an Executive Order last November declaring that any pet-related damage would be covered by the "full faith and credit guaranty" of the United States Government.

The President hopes to secure the same house as last year in his favorite Kailua beach neighborhood. An exact replica of the official White House fence will once again be flown out in advance to provide both security and privacy for President Obama and his family.

Obama rental house on Kailua Beach 2013



The President's Plans for his 2014 Hawaii Vacation

Like most Americans, President Obama is a creature of habit. After an incredibly tumultuous year, the President plans to relax this trip and visit some of his favorite places. See if you can find them on the map below by clicking on the blue markers! Obama doing Hawaiian shaka with fingers

   - Daily morning workout at the Semper Fit Center at MCBH
   - Golf at the Kaneohe Klipper golf course
   - Golf at the Mid-Pacific Country Club
   - Golf at the Ko'olau Golf Club
   - Dinner at Alan Wong's Restaurant
   - Dinner at Nobu Waikiki
   - Dinner at Morimoto Waikiki
   - Visit Punchbowl Cemetery
   - Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay on Tuesday when it's closed
   - Christmas Day: Visit service members at Anderson Hall
   - New Year's Eve: Traditional talent show at home
   - Bowling at K-Bay Lanes at MCBH
   - Basketball at MCBH
   - Swim at Pyramid Rock Beach
   - Swim at Bellows Beach
   - Shave Ice at Island Snow in Kailua
   - Hike the Maunawili Falls trail


View Obama Hawaii Vacation Map in a larger map.



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