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Time to un-George


If you listened closely to the President's Inauguration speech, you would understand how much work the Obama Administration has in the years ahead.

President Obama has nicknamed his Presidency "The DeBushification of America".

President Obama puts it this way: "There are times when you can afford to redecorate your house, and there are times when you have to focus on rebuilding its foundation. Pass the shovel."

President Obama's Debushification will:

  • Give our international approval rating a bump. They like us again!
  • Bring "cool" back into the White House (at least most of the time)
  • Reinstate the ban on assault weapons (oooops, never mind...)
  • Reduce the deficit (uh, some things are easier said than done)
  • End the wars (uh, ... ditto)
  • Stop subverting the Constitution (except only when truly necessary)
  • Make the White House Visitors List public (now available on oBay!)
  • Remove the NSA listening devices implanted in 65% of American homes
  • Stop ****** the ******* and reduce the ******** ** ****** *** *****. (Edited out for national security purposes, but trust us, you care!)
  • Use proper grammar in speeches and interviews
  • Eliminate the use of presidential smirks when making an important point in a speech
  • Never use the phrase "dead or alive" or "mission accomplished" or "bring 'em on"
  • And most importantly, take down the Texas longhorn steer horns hanging up in the President's Bedroom. (now available on oBay!)

Why DeBushification is Necessary:


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