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Weekend at Camp David



Weekend at Camp David Program

The Presidential Retreat at Camp David is open to the public one weekend each month. Cabin rental reservations are available on a first-come first served basis. Seven cabins are available for this program.


Camp David Activities

Obama shooting skeet at Camp David skeet range

The Presidential Retreat offers tennis, bowling, horseshoes, basketball, swimming, archery, skeet shooting, and hiking. There is also a one-hole golf course just outside the President's cabin and a driving range on the other side of the camp. Bikes and golf carts are readily available and are a convenient way to get around. Read more details about all of the activities available at Camp David.

For evening entertainment, you can shoot some pool at the rec room, hang out at the video arcade, go bowling, read in the library, or catch a movie in the small theater located in the Hickory Lodge. You can also enjoy a late-night snack and drinks at the Mountain Top Cafe.


Underground Camp David Tour

One of the most popular activities offered is a tour of the Camp David underground bunker and secret communication facility accessible from the President's cabin, the Aspen Lodge. An elevator just inside the front entrance will take you down 200 feet to a secret underground complex with offices, conference rooms, communication equipment; a full War Room, and living accommodations.

A six mile tunnel connects the Aspen bomb shelter, code-named "Orange One" to the Raven Rock Mountain Complex. Also known as Site R, this massive underground bunker houses the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) which serves as a backup to the Pentagon in times of national emergency.

Guests will then have the option to travel to Site R via specialized tunnel transport vehicles for a 90 minute tour of the Raven Rock Mountain Complex. To see photos of this exciting tour, visit the Raven Rock Mountain Complex Site R Tour website.


Camp David Photos

  • President Obama by the Camp David sign - parody

    Have your picture taken in front of the famous Camp David sign

  • President's cabin at Camp David - Aspen Lodge

    President Obama stays at the Aspen Lodge when he is at Camp David

  • Camp David golf course

    President Obama and President Clinton on the golf green behind Aspen Lodge

  • Obama goes swimming at Camp David pool - parody

    Another fun day by the pool at the Aspen Lodge

  • Aspen Lodge patio

    Enjoy the patio at the Aspen Lodge

  • Aspen Lodge barbecue

    Guests may use the barbecue area near the President's cabin

  • Bo the first dog at Camp David Laurel Lodge - parody

    First dog Bo outside Laurel Lodge at Camp David

  • President Obama drives golf cart at Camp David - parody

    President Obama enjoys driving Golf Cart One all around Camp David

  • President Obama walking by the Holly Cabin at Camp David - parody

    President Obama uses Camp David year-round

  • Camp David hiking trails

    Hiking has always been a popular activity among weekend guests at Camp David

  • Camp David Evergreen chapel exterior with Obama - parody

    Exterior view of the Evergreen Chapel at Camp David

  • Camp David Evergreen chapel interior

    Inside the Evergreen Chapel

  • Camp David bedroom - parody

    Most cabins have two bedrooms

  • Camp David bathroom - parody

    Typical bathroom in one of the cabins

  • Camp David fireplace - parody

    Each cabin has a fireplace for those chilly evenings

  • Camp David pool and recreation room - Holly Lodge

    Enjoy a game of pool in the rec room inside the Holly Cabin

  • Camp David underground communications center and bomb shelter - parody

    Entrance to the underground communications center and bomb shelter

  • Tunnel road between Camp David and Site R - parody

    Tunnel road connecting Camp David to the Raven Rock Mountain Complex (Site R)


Available Cabins at Camp David

Camp David is a beautifully landscaped 120 acre compound with over 10,000 annually planted flowers and bulbs. The cottages, all named after trees, are located along a series of interconnected wooded paths. The cabins are rustic board and batten construction. The native woods have been maintained wherever possible and every effort has been made to maintain the natural beauty of the camp and retain the rustic flavor. View photos and learn more about the Camp David cabins.

The following cabins are available for weekend rental (see Camp David map below):
  • Walnut Cabin
  • Hawthorn Cabin
  • Sycamore Cabin
  • Linden Cabin
  • Red Oak Cabin
  • Maple Cabin
  • Hemlock Cabin

Guests may use the swimming pool at the Aspen Lodge along with the patio, outdoor cooking area, and golf practice green. Please note that the Witch Hazel, Birch, Dogwood, and Rosebud Cabins are off-limits to the public at all times.


What's included in the Camp David Weekend

  • Two night stay in one of the seven cabins listed above - Each cabin sleeps 4-6.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Laurel Lodge
  • Use of the Camp facilities: swimming, hiking, tennis, archery, skeet shooting, horseshoes, and basketball
  • Evening activities in the Hickory Lodge: rec room, arcade, library, bowling, movie theater
  • Use of bicycles and golf carts to get around camp
  • Camp David secret tunnel tour (including the Raven Rock Mountain Complex Site R Tour)
  • Sunday morning nondenominational service at Evergreen Chapel (optional)
  • Commemorative Camp David photo
  • Official Camp David Souvenir


Camp David Souvenirs

Each Camp David Weekend participant can choose from one of four official Camp David souvenirs:
Football, frisbee, silver plate, mug. These souvenirs are included in the cost of the weekend package.

The Shangri-La gift shop located in the Hickory Lodge maintains an assortment of Camp David items available for sale. These items make great Christmas gifts and are real money-makers on e-Bay. Camp David football, silver plate, mug, frisbee souvenirs


Cabins may be reserved up to one year in advance. Cabin rates (including all meals and activities) are $1,200 per weekend. Note: the $1,200 is the fixed price per cabin, not per guest. You are allowed up to six guests per cabin. Children are welcome, but must be under responsible adult supervision at all times. Reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis by clicking here.

Cabins are assigned on a space-available basis. Specific cabin requests cannot be honored. Additional information regarding parking, arrival times, etc. will be sent out upon confirmation.

Camping's not your thing? Take a virtual Camp David tour instead.


Camp David Map

Camp David Map - parody



Camp David Entrance (Google Streetview)

Take a virtual drive along the scenic road below to view the entrance to Camp David. To rotate your view, use the map controls or click and drag with your mouse.

View Larger Map



Directions to Camp David

Camp David is located in Catoctin Mountain Park in Frederick County, Maryland. Driving directions to Camp David will be included with your reservation confirmation packet.


Marine guard entrance security gate at Camp David

Once you arrive at Camp David, proceed down the Entrance Road to the Gate House. Be ready to show your photo ID and weekend reservation confirmation letter to the Marine Guard.

You will be directed to the guest parking lot where you will catch the shuttle to your assigned cabin. Enjoy your weekend at Camp David.


Security Information

All guests will be required to go through a security screening process. The following items are prohibited:

  • Outside food and beverages of any kind
  • Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, chewing gum
  • Cameras, video recorders or any type of recording device
  • Knives of any size
  • Fireworks/smoke bombs
  • Animals
  • Real or simulated guns/ammunition
  • Mace, electric stun guns, martial arts weapons, slingshots
US Secret Service reserves the right to prohibit any other personal items.

Note: Vehicles must be parked outside the camp perimeter and a shuttle bus will transport you to your assigned cabin.



A Video Tour of Camp David

The White House understands that our "Weekend at Camp David" program is out of reach for many Americans, which is why in a spirit of openness and transparency, we are presenting this inside view of the Presidential Retreat.




Want to Work at Camp David?

Are you ready for a shore duty station where you can be a part of history? Want to work in a family-oriented joint environment with training opportunities? Then Naval Support Facility Thurmont, also known as Camp David, might be for you!



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