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Camp David - Aspen Lodge

The Aspen Lodge: The Presidential Cabin

Camp David - Aspen Lodge

Aspen Lodge in 1961 prior to the addition of a swimming pool

The President's cabin sits on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding Maryland countryside. Occupied by fifteen Presidents starting with FDR, the cabin has several bedrooms, a small office, several fireplaces, a kitchen, and a large outdoor flagstone patio. There is also a heated swimming pool, hot tub, and a single golf hole with multiple tees.


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Layout of the Aspen Lodge

Camp David - Aspen Lodge floorplan

Aspen Lodge floor plan - 1959


Camp David - Aspen Lodge map

Satellite view of Aspen Lodge, pool, hot tub and golf tees/green


Camp David - Laurel Lodge

Laurel Lodge in 2012

Other Cabins at Camp David

There are about a dozen guest cabins located around the retreat and connected by winding paths. Laurel Lodge is the main cabin where meals are served and meetings are held. There are three conference rooms there and a presidential office.

Hickory Lodge has a bowling alley, movie theater, restaurant/bar, game room, library, and the Shangri-La Gift Shop. Holly cabin is used for small meetings and recreation. President Carter preferred the cozy rooms in Holly for the 1978 Camp David peace negotiations.

Birch, Dogwood, Maple, Rosebud, Red Oak, Hawthorn, and Southern Pine cabins were used to house the G8 Leaders when they met at Camp David in 2012.

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Camp David Activities

Camp David is a rustic getaway in a wooded setting with lots of outdoor and indoor activities available. One of the most fun aspects of Camp David is that guests are given golf carts as their main mode of transportation around the retreat.

There are tennis courts, horseshoe pits, a swimming pool, skeet range, nearby fishing and horseback riding. There is a golf driving range near the helicopter landing zone and a single golf hole with multiple tee boxes outside Aspen Lodge.

You can go bowling, watch movies, work out at the fitness center, play basketball, and shoot some pool. Meandering hilly trails are ideal for long walks and bike rides. In the winter, you can go cross-country skiing, sledding, ice skating and snowmobiling. There is also the Evergreen Chapel, a non-denominational place of worship.

Photo Gallery: Camp David Activities

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Where is Camp David

Camp David is located in Catoctin Mountain Park in Frederick County, Maryland. It's about a thirty minute helicopter ride from the White House. The video below is flyover tour of Camp David incorporating satellite imagery and historic photos.

Camp David map with labels

Camp David location:  View the high-resolution version of this Camp David map

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More Information About Camp David

If you would like to learn more, I also have a blog About Camp David that contains detailed information and lots of pictures of the presidential retreat. Some highlights include: