White House Easter Egg Roll 2022

Biden at the White House Easter Egg Roll

2022 Easter Egg Roll

President Biden in April 2021:  "We look forward to next year when the White House will ring with the joy of the season once again and there will be an Easter Egg Roll, God willing"

There has been no official announcement yet regarding the status of the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2022. Information will be posted here when it becomes available.



Easter Egg Roll Lottery 2022

If the White House Easter Egg Roll is held in person in 2022, a free ticket lottery will be held online so that families across America have an opportunity to attend.

Lottery date

The ticket lottery will be held on the Recreation.gov website. The exact lottery dates and the link to the official White House Easter Egg Roll lottery page will be published here when ticketing information is announced.

How to enter the White House Easter Egg Roll lottery

The lottery page will have a list of all of the available time slots and applicants will rank them in the order of preference. Each household will be limited to one lottery application for a maximum of six tickets. In previous years, the time slots available for the Easter Egg Roll (Groups A, B, C, D, and E) were:

Easter Egg Roll lottery ticket screen showing the starting times for each group: A- 7:30AM-9:30AM; B- 9:45-11:45AM; C- 12:15PM-2:15PM; D- 2:30PM-4:30PM; E- 4:45PM-6:45PM

Lottery results will be available about a week later. Email notifications from Recreation.gov will be sent after that date to the lottery winners with instructions for obtaining tickets.



2022 White House Easter Eggs

Official wooden White House Easter Eggs for 2021

Each year, souvenir wooden eggs are given to children attending the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. These commemorative eggs are also made available for purchase online.

The 2021 design included a bunny rabbit wearing a mask. A special gold egg with President Biden's dogs Champ and Major was also available for purchase. The official wooden eggs for 2021 are pictured above.

More information about the 2022 White House Easter Eggs will be posted here when it becomes available.


The White House Easter Egg Roll on Twitter

This Easter Egg Roll Twitter feed contains the best tweets from attendees, special guests, entertainers, volunteers, media and more. For the latest updates, follow @WHEasterEggRoll on Twitter.















Easter Egg Roll Videos

Watch these videos from a previous White House Easter Egg Roll

Easter Egg Roll Photos

White House Easter Egg Roll photogallery


Easter Egg Roll on Whitehouse.Gov - Through the Years

Take a hop back in time and view the Easter Egg Roll pages from whitehouse.gov from the Clinton, Bush and Obama years (1993-2016) by clicking on the screenshots below:

Easter 1993

1993 - 100 Years of Peter Rabbit

Easter 1994

The 1994 Easter at the White House souvenir program featured original art by P. Buckley Moss

Easter 1995

The 1995 Egg Roll souvenir program contained original art from Catherine Grunewald

Easter 1996

The original art in the Easter at the White House 1996 program was by Bill Bell.

Easter 1997

The 1997 theme of the WH egg roll was Learning is Delightful and Delicious

Easter 1998

Dressed in period costume, actors portraying historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, and George Washington strolled around the South Lawn.

Easter 1999

1999 Easter Egg Roll was for children ages three through six

Easter 2000

The 2000 Easter Egg Roll was held from 10AM - 2PM and featured a live webcast from the South Lawn

Easter 2001

The 2001 Easter Egg Roll

Easter 2002

The 2002 White House Egg Roll featured authors such as Norman Bridwell, author of the Clifford series and Marc Brown, author of the Arthur series

Easter 2003

The 2003 Egg Roll honored active duty and reserve members of the military and their families

Easter 2004

The 2004 Easter event had to close early at noon due to rain

Easter 2005

The 2005 Easter Egg Roll continued the tradition that began in 1994 where each state sends a decorated egg to the White House for display

Easter 2006

President and Mrs. Bush invited hundreds of outstanding youth volunteers as their special guests at the 2006 Easter Egg Roll

Easter 2007

The 2007 Easter event featured live entertainment from Sesame Street, Miley Cyrus who stars in the hit series Hannah Montana, and several other stage performances

Easter 2008

The 2008 Easter Egg roll had an educational theme, Ocean Conservation, and included marine life painting with the artist Wyland

Easter 2009

The 2009 Easter Egg roll was the first one of the Obama Administration. It's theme was Let's Go Play.

Easter 2010

The theme of the 2010 White House Egg Roll was Ready, Set, Go!

Easter 2011

The theme of the 2011 White House Egg Roll was Get Up and Go!

Easter 2012

The theme of the 2012 White House Egg Roll was Let's Go, Let's Play, Let's Move

Easter 2013

The theme of the 2013 White House Egg Roll was Be Healthy, Be Active, Be You!

Easter 2014

The theme of the 2014 White House Egg Roll was Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape

Easter 2015

The theme of the 2015 White House Egg Roll was #GimmeFive

Easter 2016

The theme of the 2016 White House Egg Roll was Let's Celebrate!

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