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President Obama's Last Christmas in Hawaii

To commemorate the President's final trip to Hawaii as Commander-in-Chief, the White House is inviting the American People to follow along on his 2015 Hawaii vacation. E komo mai!

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The Final Hawaii Trip as POTUS

This year's 2015 Hawaii trip will be his last Christmas celebrated in Hawaii as President. He plans to break tradition next year in 2016 and spend his final Christmas in office at the White House, surrounded by family and friends. After leaving office, President Obama looks forward to returning to Hawaii each Christmas to continue his tradition in a new vacation home recently "purchased by a friend".


The President's 2015 Kailua Rental Home

Due to an unfortunate "chewing incident" in the past involving First Dog Bo, the search for a suitable vacation rental home had become quite challenging. To combat this problem, President Obama issued an Executive Order in 2013 declaring that any pet-related damage would be covered by the "full faith and credit guaranty" of the United States Government.

The President plans to rent the same house as last year in his favorite Kailua beach neighborhood. An exact replica of the official White House fence will again be flown out in advance to provide both security and privacy for President Obama and his family.

Obama rental house on Kailua Beach 2014

2015 Obama Hawaii Vacation Photos

Obama Hawaii photogallery

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In the spirit of openness and transparency, the President's Hawaii vacation will once again be live-tweeted.

The President's Plans for his 2015 Hawaii Vacation  (Dec 18 - Jan 2nd)

Like most Americans, President Obama is a creature of habit. In 2015, the President plans to return to some of his favorite places:

   - Daily morning workout at the Semper Fit Center at MCBH
   - Golf at the Kaneohe Klipper golf course
   - Golf at the Mid-Pacific Country Club
   - Golf at the Ko'olau Golf Club
   - Golf at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club
   - Dinner at Alan Wong's Restaurant
   - Dinner at Nobu Waikiki
   - Dinner at Morimoto Waikiki
   - Dinner at Vintage Cave at Ala Moana Center
   - Visit Punchbowl Cemetery
   - Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
   - Visit Sea Life Park
   - Visit the Honolulu Zoo
   - Christmas Day: Visit service members at Anderson Hall
   - New Year's Eve: Traditional talent show at home
   - Bowling at K-Bay Lanes at MCBH
   - Basketball at MCBH
   - Swim at Pyramid Rock Beach
   - Swim at Bellows Beach
   - Play tennis at the Kailua Racquet Club
   - Shave Ice at Island Snow in Kailua
   - Hike the Maunawili Falls trail
   - Hike the Makapuu Lighthouse trail
   - Hike the Manoa Falls trail
   - Hike the Makiki Valley Loop trail
   - Hike the Lanikai Pillbox trail



President Obama eating shave ice in Kailua - cutout

The President's Hawaii Vacation Map

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