Diplomacy under the Obama Administration


Star Power

Secretary Clinton:  "We must use what has been called “star power”: the natural human attraction to someone who is charismatic and cool. With star power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of foreign policy. The Obama foreign policy doctrine of Universal Worldwide Worship is clearly working wonders.


President Obama Honored in Egypt

Secretary Clinton on the 2009 Presidential Visit to Egypt:   "I'm proud of the incredibly warm reception that President Obama receives around the world wherever we go. Starry-eyed audiences wave and cheer as our Commander-in-Chief dutifully reads his speeches.

I have to admit, I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked out the window of Air Force One at the Great Sphinx of Giza below and saw President Barack Obama staring back at me. What a moving tribute the people of Egypt have created to our 44th President!"

Hillary Clinton pointing Obama Sphinx and Pyramid in Egypt



President Obama Thrills the City of Paris

After Egypt, President Obama made a short stop in Paris. He wanted to show his appreciation to the people of France by making a historic donation to the Louvre.

The Obama Lisa was commissioned by President Obama in anticipation of his first Presidential trip to the City of Light. The handsome painting encased in an antique ornate gilded frame is destined to become a national treasure.

Upon receiving the painting from President Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was too stunned to comment.

Nicolas Sarkozy is speechless The Obama Lisa