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Yelling Joe Wilson
Thursday, September 10th, 2009 at 3:40 pm

Kids and Kongress

I prepared for two important events this week. On Tuesday, I held a Q&A session with some schoolchildren in Virginia prior to the airing of my back-to-school address. On Wednesday, I addressed a joint session of Congress on health care reform.

Now kids will be kids, so I fully expected some shout-outs or some sign-waving or even the occasional inappropriate chuckle.

And I got it. Only not from the kids.

The kids were attentive, respectful, and engaged. Some of the Republicans? Not so much.

I heard numerous reports of people wishing they could have listened in on the conversation between Rep. Joe Wilson and my fiery Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel when Yellin' Joe called to apologize for his unprecedented outburst.

Well, now they can. As everyone knows, the White House is set up to automatically record all phone conversations. The complete Joe-Rahm tape is unedited, uncensored and now available on oBay!   Visit the White House oBay Auction page




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