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Happy Hours at the White House Mess



Join Us for Happy Hours at the White House

President Obama drinking beer at the White House Mess
Every Friday, members of the White House staff make their way downstairs to the Mess for their traditional end-of-the-week happy hours.

If the President is available, he sometimes drops by for a cold beer before heading off to dinner. Other guests often include Cabinet members and their staff.

In this casual atmosphere, staffers discuss ideas they have for new programs and initiatives. The basic framework for President Obama's health care reform was built from notes scribbled on a napkin at one of these happy hours.

In a spirit of openness and transparency, President Obama invites you to join him for Happy Hours at the White House Mess.

Happy Hours are held every Friday from
5PM - 7PM in the White House Mess, which is located in the basement of the West Wing.

Advance reservations are required. For more information about the Mess including directions and reservations, visit the Dine at the White House Mess page on this website.



White House Happy Hours Menu

The Happy Hours menu includes a selection of specialty drinks, beer, wine, and tasty appetizers.


White House Mess menu - Happy Hours



President Obama enjoying Happy Hours at the White House Mess

President Obama drinks beer at White House Mess Happy Hours





White House Beer Recipe

Can't make it to the White House for Happy Hours? Brew your own White House Honey Ale at home.

official White House Honey Ale beer recipe



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