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Help support President Obama's initiative to reduce the national debt by bidding on this fine assortment of historic White House collectibles.


Featured Items Price Time Left
Bush Oval Office Rug Oval Office "Sunburst" rug. Left over from Bush days. Recently removed by President Obama. Excellent shape (except for some minor chewing damage and pet stains). Buy it now $10,000 8d 6h 34m
Oval Office chair Oval Office armchair. Recently removed by President Obama. Excellent condition. Two available. Buy it now $1,000 8d 6h 15m
Oval Office table Oval Office coffee table. Recently removed by President Obama. Excellent condition. Fruit not included. Buy it now $1,000 8d 6h 7m
Olympic ObamaBear Adorable cuddly Olympic ObamaBear. Should have been the official mascot for the Chicago 2016 Olympics. 3 bids $9.75 3d 8h 17m
Air Force One over New York Beautiful 30" x 24" photo of Air Force One over Manhattan skyline. One of a kind. 39 bids $160.24 4d 4h 37m
Obama birth certificate State of Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth. President Obama's original birth certificate. Genuine. Authentic. Indisputable. So shut up already, huh? 14,937 bids $3,211 4d 10h 19m
Joe - Rahm apology tape White House tape recording of Rep. Joe Wilson's apology call to Rahm Emanuel. Uncensored. NC-17. 17 bids $984.05 4d 16h 27m
Secret Service White House Access Control Records COMPLETE White House Visitors List. FULL Secret Service Access Control Report. And not just the partial edited list you'll find on our website. You want it all? You pay for it! 48 bids $2,469.26 4d 17h 47m
ObaMao t-shirt ObaMao t-shirt. 100% cotton. Adult size medium. Made in China. Buy it now $49.95 5d 1h 14m
Bush mounted longhorn Wall Mounted Longhorn Steer Horns. Rugged semi-polished finish. Left behind by previous Administration 3 bids $13.01 6d 3h 8m
King Abdullah necklace Presidential Gift from King Abdullah. Order of Merit. Heavy gold necklace and medallion. 198 bids $26,130 6d 10h 29m
Presidential M&M's Box of Presidential M&M's. Plain. Complete with Presidential Seal and autograph 58 bids $76.39 6d 11h 7m
Obama Secret Service watch President Obama's wristwatch. Gift from Secret Service. Manufactured by Jorg Gray. Model JGC6500. 48 bids $1,398.15 7d 2h 12m
Secret Service Star Lapel Pin Secret Service Star Lapel Pin. Wear it with your favorite suit and sunglasses. Handsome! 29 bids $144.95 7d 12h 22m




Nope, this is not the official website of The White House. It's a parody of  No person, department, or agency of the U.S. Government approved, endorsed, or authorized this site. No animals were harmed while making this website (except maybe that one time when I was a little late feeding my dog his dinner).
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