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Hey, It's Just Metadata

The White House has a strong commitment to openness and transparency. As President Obama likes to say, "My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government". It is in that same spirit of openness that we present the following -

Below is a scrollable list of keyword searches conducted by various government agencies compiled from official Statcounter reports related to this website. None of the agencies below approved, endorsed, or authorized this website. IP addresses have been partially redacted.




*None of the above agencies approved, endorsed, or authorized this website.

The above data comes from the Statcounter analytics program which was utilized to surreptitiously record the U.S. Government's visits to this webpage. This information was provided by the United States Domestic Surveillance Directorate under the Obama Administration's "Relax, it's Just Metadata (RIJM)" program, which is also known in the Intelligence Community as "Who needs content when you have metadata?"


Nope, this is not the official website of The White House. It's a parody of  No person, department, or agency of the U.S. Government approved, endorsed, or authorized this site. No animals were harmed while making this website (except maybe that one time when I was a little late feeding my dog his dinner).
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